Texting Posture Can Result in Back Pain

Technological advancements have turned the way we communicate through texting into a staple of our everyday lives. However, for all of the positives, texting can be a gateway to poor posture and nagging pain.

Chances are you and your loved ones are guilty of adopting the slouched shoulders and awkwardly bent neck of the texting posture. Research conducted by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj found that our head’s weight increases the further we look down at our phones, putting pressure on the spine and leading to back pain.

Alarming Results

The research conducted by Dr. Hansraj, who is the chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, concluded that 60 pounds of pressure can be put on the cervical spine by merely bending the neck forward 60 degrees. The bending of the neck and cervical spine pressure correlates as follows:

  • 15 degrees of neck bending can produce 27 pounds of pressure
  • 30 degrees of neck bending can produce 40 pounds of pressure
  • 45 degrees of neck bending can produce 49 pounds of pressure

According to the findings, the stress the cervical spine receives from texting can be detrimental enough to cause damage and lead to possible surgeries. The best way to decrease spinal stress is to improve your posture at all times. Doing so will help you look and feel better.

Treatment You Can Trust

There are times when, no matter how many changes you make, your back pain can continue to be a nagging problem. If your back pain develops tingling, numbness or intensifies, know that Total Pain Care in New Jersey is here for you.

With pain management treatments such as nerve block or spinal cord stimulation, we will ensure that your journey to improved health is as swift and easy as possible. We are devoted to providing you with professional and comprehensive care. Contact our office in New Jersey for more information about our pain management services.