Are You Suffering From a Torn Meniscus?

Have you been feeling pain and discomfort after twisting your knee during your morning jog or while walking down your stairs? Chances are you may be suffering from the effects of a torn meniscus. Unfortunately, this type of injury is highly common and, although home remedies may be helpful, pain management services are advised. Recognize the symptoms of your meniscus tear and find the help you need with Total Pain Care.

Identify the Symptoms

The menisci is a set of cartilage cushions in your knee that serves as support between the thigh and shinbone. Your meniscus runs the danger of tearing during activities where the knee is exposed to abrupt twisting and rotating motions. The key in getting the most out of your torn meniscus treatment is promptly identifying the symptoms. These generally include:

  • A popping sensation in the knee
  • The feeling of having your knee lock up
  • Not being able to straighten your knee
  • Pain when rotating your knee
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness

Your Health is Our Priority

The use of medication and rest can be helpful in treating your meniscus tear. However, physical treatment can be an important tool in stabilizing your joint by strengthening the muscles around your knee.

At Total Pain Care, we are determined to lead you through the journey toward recovery at your own pace and with the utmost professionalism. Our pain management specialists prioritize your needs and work to bring you back to a pain-free life as quickly as possible. Take the first step towards health by contacting our New Jersey office if your meniscus tear is becoming an issue.