7 Unexpected Reasons You May be Experiencing Back Pain – Part 1

We all know what our bodies can handle. Most of the time, we can figure out the cause behind different types of discomforts, such as back pain. Maybe it happened when you twisted the wrong way as you picked up your child, or perhaps after that highly contested flag football game. However, some causes behind your back pain can be a mystery. The following list of unusual causes of back pain can once-and-for-all shed some light as to why your back has been hurting.

Weak Abs

You’re able to lift and carry heavy things thanks to the strength and power of your core muscles, which work as a team to help you perform several tasks. However, having weak ab muscles can leave your back muscles fending for themselves. This lack of abdominal strength usually leads to your back muscles being overworked, leaving them tired and achy.

Garden Woes

Chances are you’ve felt a tweak in your back as you shoveled some dirt the wrong way when doing yard work. However, regular yard work (without the sensation of a tweak) can often lead to back pain being felt later on. This is because every time you shovel, rake or sweep, your body is left in the same position for hours at a time. Taking regular breaks and switching your position can be an effective way to avoid these yard-related back problems.

Lengthy Sit-Downs

Sitting down after a long day of activities can be relaxing, but staying in that position for too long can often present problems for your back. Your lumbar discs are separated by jelly-like cushions that compress and retract, letting fluid flow in and out of the disc. Spending hours sitting at a desk, however, keeps your discs under constant compression. This takes the elasticity out of your spine and puts it much closer to injury. To prevent this problem, take breaks from sitting down by stretching and rotating your torso.

We Can Help

If you or a loved one suffers from debilitating back pain, know that we can help. At Total Pain Care, we’ll evaluate your injury or condition to pinpoint its location to administer the best method of relief. Let our board-certified pain management specialists guide you on the journey back to a life of pain-free mobility. Take the first step today by contacting our location in New Jersey for more information.