Tennis Elbow: No Racket Required

Have you recently struggled to lift your coffee mug due to debilitating elbow pain? Is brushing your teeth getting progressively more painful in your arm? Chances are you may be suffering from tennis elbow. The pain from tennis elbow generally occurs due to repetitive hand and wrist motions that overwork the elbow’s tendons. Although this injury may sound exclusive to athletes, it tends to affect people who don’t play tennis at all.

What You Need to Know

Tennis elbow happens when the repeated motion of raising and straightening your hand and wrist creates tiny tears on the tendons connecting the forearm muscle to the elbow. A poor backhand stroke in tennis can be a potential cause for this injury. However, there are other common reasons that may cause this condition:

  • Cutting up ingredients (especially meat) over long periods of time
  • Driving screws
  • Painting
  • Using plumbing tools

The pain attributed to tennis elbow is known to radiate from the elbow to the wrist. This debilitation can keep you from performing such simple tasks as:

  • Shaking hands
  • Holding cups
  • Turning doorknobs

Game. Set. Match.

Your health matters and there’s no reason to forego your mobility as a result of an injury or painful condition. At Total Pain Care, we are determined to help you or your loved ones find their way back to a life full of rigor and activity. Let our pain-management specialists evaluate your injury by contacting our New Jersey location today.