Workout Woes: 5 Common Gym Injuries – Part 1

preventing gym injuries pt 1If you vowed this year to get your six-pack on and slim down a few sizes, chances are you’re visiting a local gym regularly. Unfortunately, trying to stay fit can often be interrupted by five common gym injuries. Understanding and identifying these nagging injuries can be the first step in avoiding them altogether.

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Ankle and Foot

The ankle and foot are the components in charge of keeping you moving and active. This means that any imbalance in the upper body, such as rounded shoulders due to slouching, will wreak havoc on your feet and ankles. Using shoes that aren’t too high at the heel can help spread the impact to the entire foot, decreasing your chances of injury.

Knee Pains

Unfortunately, jobs that require sitting for long periods can weaken hip muscles. Add this to ill-fitting footwear and you have a recipe for knee pain. To strengthen the hips, legs and feet, incorporate lunges into your workouts. They’ll let the hip and ankle bend together and make it easier to stabilize your knees.

Lower Back

Like with most injuries, lower back pain due to exercising stems from slouching at the office, which causes weakness. Workouts like overhead shoulder lifts can cause excruciating pain when done with a weak or unprepared back. Stretching before any physical activity and implementing a back-specific workout, such as a straight-armed wall squat, can help strengthen your back and avoid injury.

Doing Away with the Pain

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