Workout Woes: 5 Common Gym Injuries – Part 2

Leg injuryTotal Pain Care of New Jersey previously explored a few common gym injuries. Now, in part two of our Workout Woes series, we’ll continue to give you insight about these nagging pains. Exercise is vital to our health, but knowing what to do in case of an injury is even more important. If your workout regimen has been bringing you more pain than gain, our pain-management specialists are ready to help.

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Shoulder Pains

Work-related wrist pains attributed to carpal tunnel can wreak havoc on your shoulders when you try to do that bench press, shoulder press or push-up. This occurs due to the pressure placed on your shoulder during the day and its increase during workouts. To prevent injuries to the rotator cuff or supraspinatus tendonitis, 23externally rotate your arms and balance your shoulders with cable rows.

Pain in the Neck

Poor posture, rounded shoulders and slouching can put a big strain on your neck, which can worsen once you hit the gym. Doing bench presses with an affected neck prevents your back from sitting flush on the bench. When doing bench presses, your lower back and neck should be supported properly.

To further prevent neck injury, avoid exercises that require you to raise your hands over your head, especially after a long workday. Strengthening your mid and upper back with reverse shrugs can also be a good way to avoid neck injuries.

Send Your Pain Away

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries at the gym, know that Total Pain Care is ready to help in your recovery. When your body can handle no more pain, our pain-management specialists will evaluate your injury to determine the right plan of action. Let us take you on the journey to a pain-free life today.