Understanding and Preventing Hamstring Pain

hamstring injury preventionThere are a lot of “strings” that keep our bodies together. Ligaments, tendons, bones and the like help us all stay in shape, literally. For nearly every sport, a very special string, the hamstring, is critical for our daily performance as players and humans in general. Here’s everything you should know about hamstrings as well as some of the causes and signs of hamstring injury.

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The Basics

The hamstrings can be referred to as the muscles at the back of the thigh, but also the tendons that connect those muscles to the thighbone. When most people complain about hamstring problems, the muscles are usually the main culprits of pain.

The hamstrings don’t only support the movement of the knee and hip. They’re also integral sources of power and force to help when running, jumping and more.


Oftentimes in high-octane activities and sports, hamstring muscles can become severely strained due to rapid movement, an unexpected heavy load occurs, there is a disproportion of strength in the muscles, or the hamstring can simply become fatigued.

The term “pulled hamstring” is often used to describe the muscle tissues that are pulled due to any of the reasons mentioned above. They can also be slightly torn or completely shredded.


Usually, when one pulls a hamstring, the injury is felt immediately. The area can become tender to the touch, weight can be unbearable to contain, tightness can follow and the person can quickly become unable to play sports.

Often, taking the time to rest and keep your leg elevated and compressed will help get the hamstring back to normal. In order to get back into playing shape, a complete physical therapy regimen is recommended to rebuild strength and flexibility.

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Contrary to popular belief, light activities like walking actually use very little of the hamstring muscles. The most important way to avoid hamstring injury is to keep the muscles conditioned all year long.

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