4 Ways to Prevent Chore-Induced Back Pain

back pain prevention tipsThere’s nothing quite like having a clean home, but there’s no reason why your back should suffer from it. How can you take care of chores while avoiding back injuries? Total Pain Care of New Jersey has the information you need.

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Use the Right Technique

Poor lifting posture can be the number one cause of back pain and injury. Always bend at the knee when lifting objects while keeping your back straight and lifting with your legs. If the item you’re lifting is heavy, keep it close to your body and avoid twisting with it in hand. If the item is oversized, don’t move it on your own. Instead, have someone help you out.

Proximity Goes a Long Way

Cleaning generally requires a handful of materials to use. To avoid reaching or bending for them, make sure everything is within reach. For example, if you’re sorting laundry, do it on a table or countertop so you can reach for anything you need from a position with good posture. The less awkward movements you make, the better for your back.

Spread Out Your Tasks

You may think you can finish your house cleaning in one day, but even attempting to do so can take a toll on your body. Especially your back. Section your cleaning room-by-room and take breaks often to ensure you stay energized. Cleaning can be extremely exhausting, so drink plenty of water and sit or lay down to rest your tired muscles.

Climb Safely

There might be some hard-to-reach places that need some cleaning, but don’t climb on chairs or stools to reach them. A fall can severely damage your back or other parts of the body. Always use a stepstool or ladder to clean high places and make sure it’s sitting on a flat surface.

Leave Your Pain Behind

At Total Pain Care, we know how damaging an injury to the back or other body part can be. If you or a loved one has suffered the pain and aches of an injury, know that our pain-management specialists are ready to help.

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