Volleying with Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Pain in blades the girl on gray backgroundOne of the most popular activities at gyms, parks and beaches around the country is volleyball. Whether chronic or acute, the injuries that could result from sprinting, spiking, blocking and more can really put a damper on the fun and fitness that comes with this fun sport.

Our first blog post gave tips on recognizing rotator cuff injuries. When it comes to the sport of volleyball, rotator cuff tendonitis is the most common shoulder injury. To play it safe, it is best to be informed about this condition and how to block the pain away.

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The Basics

In volleyball, the shoulder is used for a multitude of hits and various movements like serving, spiking, setting and tipping. Due to the constant use and power required during each set, the rotator cuff is essential, yet can sometimes be a problematic area of the shoulder.

Comprised of four small muscles in and around the shoulder, the rotator cuff is the command center of the entire shoulder. It harnesses the force and motion of the larger shoulder muscles to provide mobility and strength.

When used extensively, the rotator cuff can become susceptible to tearing or worse – suffering from painful tendonitis. Rotator cuff tendonitis can be particularly severe as the tendons in the shoulder flare up, usually making the pain much worse than a tear or otherwise. This may cause volleyball players to lose the range of motion and power they need to play. If trying to work through rotator cuff shoulder pain, the rotator cuff could become too loose and extremely difficult to keep in line.

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You can always prevent shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries by warming up before extensive volleyball activity, stretching correctly and accurately knowing when to stop before overuse can take its toll. If you are suffering from rotator cuff tendonitis, it is best to get thoroughly checked by board-certified professionals familiar with the condition.

The experts in pain management at Total Pain Care in New Jersey can get you back on any court you love to play on. Strategizing with a plan of action that is customized for you, our physicians and staff will use a free in-depth evaluation to help you find total relief as soon as possible. For more information and to get back in action today, contact Total Pain Care.