Golf Injuries: Correcting the Bad Swing

As golf season swings into action, millions will watch as the best golfers in the world compete on the sport’s biggest stages for tournament glory. Golf is an honored tradition unlike any other with unforgettable moments that aficionados around the world can’t help but try to replicate for themselves during games of their own. Yet, unlike the professionals, a bad swing can bring you crashing down to reality with pain in your elbows, back or shoulder.

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golf swing injury

Keeping You from the Game

From repetitive swinging motions to the overuse of certain joints, muscles and tendons, the opportunity to get injured over 18 holes is significantly high. Here are some common injuries suffered on courses in New Jersey and around the world.

Lower Back Pain

Pain coming from your lower back can appear in many forms. Usually, a sharp pain that is sore to the touch can be a sign of a consistently poor repetitive swing. Yet, a single sharp move can do it, as can an improper warm-up, stretch routine and poor balance. Stress, strain or stiffness in your lower back muscles can also come from overworking.

Golfer’s Elbow

If you are feeling pain on the inside of the elbow where the forearm muscle tendons attach to the elbow bone, it could very well be golfer’s elbow. The muscles and tendons used to control, grip and swing the club can become strained and cause numbness and weakness around the elbow and forearm area.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder area is the main hub for the attachment of joints and muscles used to provide the increased range of motion necessary for your golf swing. Due to this, the rotator cuff – where many of the attachments are located – can tear or become strained from overextension or a slipup of form.

Knee Pain

Depending if you are left- or right-handed, one or even both of your knees could be plagued by an unbalanced distribution of weight. The massive absorption of torque from the backswing of the club on tight knees can also be detrimental to play through.

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The pain suffered on the course from a single bad swing can keep you from enjoying the game you love in peace. Luckily, you don’t have to be a pro to get professional care. At Total Pain Care, the board-certified pain management team can craft a customized course of action to get you back on the greens and into the swing of life. For an in-depth evaluation and more information, contact Total Pain Care today.