6 Simple Tips to Avoid Back Pain – Part 1

avoiding back injury and painCar accidents, serious falls and other aggressive impacts can sometimes be the reason behind chronic back pain. However, back pain generally occurs due to simple everyday activities such as twisting to reach something on your backseat, bending over to pick up your pet or even sitting at your office desk for hours on end.

While suffering back pain is common, prevention can be easy. In part one of our back pain prevention series, we’ll offer simple adjustments to your daily routine that can work wonders for your body.

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Exercise Matters

Muscles are meant to be used and exercising can be the perfect way to avoid back pain. A person who is out of shape is much more prone to back pain as a result of the simplest everyday activity. With exercise, your back muscles can strengthen, your joints will work much more fluidly and your body won’t bear the pain of excess weight.

Watch What You Eat

Eating right is synonymous with a healthier body, which coincidentally means less stress on your physique. Diets high in spiciness and fast food can result in back pain by spraining the nervous system. A healthy diet, which generally consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meats and grains, helps keep your digestive tract running and your back pain-free.

Sleep Right

Sleeping flat on your back or stomach can be an easy way to plague your life with chronic back pain. Sleeping on your side is always the better option. If you absolutely have to sleep on your stomach, make sure to have a pillow under your lower abdomen to take some stress away from your back. Always remember that a supportive mattress and pillow are an integral part in a good night’s sleep and a healthier body.

Exceptional Pain-Management Services

Make sure to come back for part 2 of our back pain management series where we’ll give you more advice on how to lead a pain-free life with just a few simple life changes. At Total Pain Care, we understand that sometimes your pain is just too much to bear.

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