More Than Just Abs: 3 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

core strengtheningA well-defined six-pack can be great during beach season, but having a strong core can offer more than just good looks. Your core is your body’s control center. It facilitates movement while housing your inner organs and central nervous system. Keeping it strong will bring you better health while preventing debilitating pains and aches. At Total Pain Care, we want to explore three reasons why you and your loved ones should keep your body’s core as strong as possible.

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No More Injuries

You may think your extremities do the work when lifting, carrying or moving, but that’s far from the truth. Your core is the origin of each of your movements. Developing your core stability (which stems from the deep muscles close to the spine) and strength (the more-visible abdominal muscles) will help you easily complete tasks while preventing the risk of injury to different parts of your body.

Protection for Your Organs

The inside of your body is just as important as everything on the outside. Your torso is where your organs and central nervous system do their job and where the body’s largest veins and arteries reside. A strong core will ensure that these important components stay safe and sound at all times.

Back Pain

Many believe back pain occurs due to serious injuries or diseases, but it generally happens when your back is doing overtime work to make up for your lack of core strength. Balancing your body’s workload by strengthening your core will let your body work evenly by ridding the back pain that can often become crippling and too much to bear.

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Sometimes, no matter how many sit-ups and crunches you do, your aches and pains can prove to be too much to deal with. When this happens, know that the pain-management specialists at Total Pain Care are here to help. Our locations in New Jersey are ready to offer the most comprehensive services to evaluate and treat your pain. Your well-being is our priority, so contact us to take the first step toward a pain-free life.