How Does Your Sleeping Position Relate to Pain?

sleep positions that can cause painYour days can be long and extremely tiring, so the last thing you think about when finally hitting the hay is your sleeping position. However, your body’s sleeping position can have a big effect on your shoulders, back and neck. So, what happens when you sleep on your back or side? What are some tips to follow to wake up without pain? The pain-management specialists of Total Pain Care are ready to answer your questions.

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Your Position Matters

Many people sleep on their backs, but this position can lead to excessive back arching, which can potentially put a lot of pressure on the spine. Bending your knees slightly upward – with the help of a few pillows – can help avoid this problem.

Sleeping on your side helps keep your spine aligned, but there are still a few things to do before making this position your preferred way to sleep. Curling up too much can lead to nagging back pain, so try to avoid this as much as possible. Additionally, remember that putting a pillow between your knees can keep your spine and pelvis in even better alignment.

Positions for Shoulder and Neck Pain

If you’ve been putting up with annoying shoulder pain throughout the day, you’ll want a sleeping position with the best comfort. Lying directly on a tender shoulder can be excruciating, but rotating it slightly forward or back, while supporting it with additional pillows, can help you keep a comfortable position through the night.

If your neck pain has not subsided before going to bed, placing a small rolled up towel underneath the neck can give it plenty of support. If you’re worried the towel might move around during the night, place it underneath the pillowcase where it will remain while you sleep.

Pain-Management You Can Count On

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