Chasing Muscles: 5 of the Most Prevalent Weightlifting Injuries (Pt 1)

A muscular body is something most people wish for and work hard to obtain. This requires a great degree of dedication and frequent visits to the neighborhood gym. While there’s nothing wrong with working for a toned body, it’s important to understand that doing so can potentially lead to a serious injury to the back, shoulders and legs if care is not taken.

common weight training injuriesOne of the first steps to avoid weightlifting pain is recognizing the most common lifting injuries. In part one of our weightlifting series, we’ll introduce some of the most prevalent weight training injuries.

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Back Injuries

Sprains and strains in the back can be a common occurrence due to their important role in many weightlifting exercises. A sprain happens when the ligaments in the back are torn or stretched, while strains are the direct result of a tear in the muscle or tendons. Symptoms of this back injury generally include trouble moving, swelling and pain. Exercises such as rowing, bench presses, dead lifts and curls are known to cause this type of injury.

Trouble with the Spine

Lifting with your back muscles instead of your legs can be a big mistake in weight training. This is especially true when performing exercises such as dead lifts. Lifting with your back can potentially put you one rep closer to another common lifting injury: a herniated disk. This injury generally happens when the pockets of cushion between your spine’s vertebrae rupture and/or slip out of place.

Leg Day Pains

Patellar tendonitis is characterized by swelling in the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shinbone. This injury can often occur when a great deal of stress is placed on the knee as a result of the quadriceps muscles being overworked or excessively tight. If you feel a sharp, pinpoint pain at the base of the kneecap after doing hack squats, lunges or any other leg workout, chances are you may be suffering from patellar tendonitis.

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The race for a muscular body can be very rewarding, but when injuries come knocking, know that Total Pain Care is here to help. Don’t let your weightlifting injury keep you on the sidelines for an undetermined amount of time. Our pain-management specialists will treat your pain with the right procedure and at the pace you require. Stay tuned for part two of our weightlifting injuries series and contact us in New Jersey for more information today.