Chasing Muscles: 5 of the Most Prevalent Weightlifting Injuries (Pt 2)

Weightlifting can be a fun and healthy way to keep your body and mind occupied while shaping the muscles you’ve always wanted. However, this type of training can additionally put you on the fast track to a debilitating injury. In our previous blog, we brought you valuable information about some of the most prevalent weightlifting injuries. Now, to help you avoid an injury of this nature, we’re offering even more information about common injuries to avoid.

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Shoulder Woes

Weightlifting exercises, such as lateral rises, bench presses and shoulder presses, can be an effective way to develop the muscles in your shoulders. However, these exercises can also lead to an injury known as shoulder impingement syndrome. The injury happens when the tendons around the rotator cuff swell, leading to pain in the side of the upper arm and at the front of the shoulder.

The pain caused by shoulder impingement syndrome will initially be noticeable when lifting your arms. However, if the injury worsens, you may feel the pain after working out or lying down. Keep in mind that if your pain goes past your elbow, it may be the sign of a different injury, such as a pinched nerve.

Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear can often happen as a result of the same workouts that cause shoulder impingement syndrome. Unfortunately, this injury is much more serious due to the intense pain felt immediately after the tear. People suffering from a rotator cuff injury feel weakness and a snapping sensation in their arm. In some cases, the injury can be so severe that a surgical procedure will be necessary.

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