Knee Popping: What is Your Body Trying to Tell You? – Part 2

In the first part of our knee pain series, we explored information about some of the most common conditions that can plague knees. While the knee can sometimes be affected by age and natural wear-and-tear, in many cases, pain can be prevented. What can you do to keep your knees healthy and as far from injury as possible? Part two of our Knee Popping series has all the tips you need.

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Simple Tips for Healthy Knees

As with most forms of injury/disease prevention, a healthy lifestyle is a must. This means proper and frequent exercise along with a balanced diet. The following are just a few tips to follow to keep your knees healthy and pain-free:

  • Exercise – Regular (twice a week) workouts, such as lunges and squats with resistance bands or weights, help keep your legs and knees strong. You can give your knee the muscle support it needs simply by walking up stairs or riding on a stationary bike.
  • Warm up – Working out with cold muscles and joints is a recipe for injuries. You should additionally make sure to stretch your quadriceps and hamstrings before and after a workout to stay flexible.
  • Adapt to your workouts – Slowly building up your workouts to more difficult exercises can be a great way to stay strong and healthy. Remember, wearing the right shoes during your workouts is a must.
  • Watch your weight – Maintaining a healthy weight will help keep excess pressure off your knees. Obesity is one of the major factors in the development of arthritis in knees.

Keep the Pain at Bay

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