Intrathecal Pumps for Your Pain

intrathecal pump pain managementIntolerable pain can be the most obvious reason people lose their drive and passion for doing what they love. While medication can be an effective way to rid yourself of your crippling pain, the side effects of some drugs can leave you looking for other options. If this is your case, intrathecal pumps can be the perfect alternative to relieve your pain. Total Pain Care has the information you need to determine whether intrathecal pumps are the right treatment for you.

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What is an Intrathecal Pump?

An intrathecal pump implantation is a treatment used to relive pain by blocking pain signals to the brain. The pump delivers small doses of medication directly into the intrathecal space, the area surrounding the spinal cord. Patients initially undergo a trial period to determine if the treatment works. If it does, the device is permanently implanted.

Since the medication is applied directly to the trouble area, patients can often see fast and effective results with smaller medication dosages. Risks related to intrathecal pump implantation are uncommon but can sometimes include bleeding, itching, difficulty urinating and itching. Our Total Pain Care pain management specialists will discuss every aspect of the treatment to help you and your loved ones feel at ease.

Know the Benefits

At Total Pain Care we strive to bring you and your loved ones the most effective and efficient medical treatments. There are many known benefits attributed to intrathecal pumps. These include:

  • A decreased need for oral medication
  • Reduced oral medication side effects
  • A lengthy (four to seven days) trial to determine if the treatment is right for you
  • Decreased recovery time
  • A patient-controlled programmer

Get Your Mobility Back

Chronic pain can sideline you for lengthy periods of time, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t fight to get back to a pain-free life. At Total Pain Care we’re ready to give you the treatment you need to regain your mobility and vigor. Let our pain management specialists evaluate your injury or condition today. Contact our New Jersey location for more information.