Lysis of Adhesions: Your Path Away from Pain

lysis of adhesions for chronic painWhen conditions or injuries prove to be too aggressive, a surgical procedure can be the most effective way to repair the problem. However, sometimes these medical procedures can make way to painful byproducts such as scar tissue. If a recent spinal surgery has you suffering from chronic back pain or pain to any other extremities, our lysis of adhesions treatment can help.

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Ridding Pain

Scar tissue from a spinal surgery can often form in the space between the spinal cord and the bones that provide it with support. This formation can potentially become a threat to the body’s sensory and motor functions. It can additionally compress nervous tissue and chemically damage it by releasing inflammatory molecules within its vicinity.

Lysis of adhesions is the process of decreasing the amount of scar tissue or removing it completely. The procedure has proven to be very effective in improving chronic pain conditions such as spinal stenosis and failed back surgery.

The Process

The procedure begins with the administration of local anesthesia to help keep pain at bay during the process. Doctors use either an MRI or a small camera attached to a thin probe to increase accuracy and target the scar tissue more effectively. After reaching the affected area, catheters are inserted to deliver saline and hyaluronidase compounds that lyse the scar tissue. To decrease pain and inflammation, doctors may also inject steroids or local anesthetics.

Lysis of adhesion has shown to be safe and successful in many cases. However, know that complications and risks can arise with any medical procedure. The pain management team at Total Pain Care will discuss this and all other components of the surgery with you and your loved ones prior to the procedure. The removal of scar tissue can potentially have you or a loved one back to pain-free normality up to 12 weeks after the treatment.

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