Pain Relief with Facet Joint Injections

facet joint injections for pain reliefHave you been experiencing joint pain in your spinal region when twisting, turning or bending around? The pain can be instant, debilitating and downright nagging, causing you to think twice about doing simple, everyday actions. While herniated disks, spinal arthritis and osteoporosis are all conditions of joint malfunction, it can be difficult to find ways to correct your pain. Luckily, facet injection procedures have proven to work to correct most joint problems.

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Facet Joints

In order to limit bones from rubbing against each other in the spine, tiny joints between the spinal vertebrae help alleviate friction to keep things smooth. The fluid inside these joints, called synovial fluid, relieves abrasions to help keep you moving. Yet, when spinal conditions arise from diseases, accidents or otherwise, pain can result, limiting daily life functions.

How it Works

Facet joint injections provide therapeutic assistance straight into the facet joint to provide pain relief in the form of an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication.

After the area is numbed with anesthetic, the physician will inject a small needle into the facet joint that is experiencing pain. Fluoroscopy (x-ray technology that helps guide the needle) helps direct dye to confirm that the medication is then properly applied. Once the medication is inserted, the procedure is complete.

It is common to experience soreness immediately following a facet injection. Usually 24 hours after the procedure takes place, the patient is able to continue normal activity. If the pain is not significantly targeted with a facet injection, the problem may lie elsewhere. Fortunately, positive results from facet injections continue to make the procedure trustworthy.

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