Search and Rescue with Diskography

diskography for damaged discsIf you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve been injured before. As humans, we live our lives with the hope that our bodies function at 100%. Unfortunately, for many of us, that’s almost never the case. Bones break, muscles tear, backs strain and pain comes in a variety of ways. Before anybody can help fix whatever may be ailing you, a diagnosis should be made to correct the problem to get you back to living your life. That’s where evaluation efforts such as diskography come in handy.

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Image Matters

One major development in the medical world was the introduction of imaging. Being able to see the internal workings of the human body makes crafting a plan of care to combat your pain the first and most important step in the rehabilitation process.

Diskography uses the power of x-ray technology combined with radiation for an inside look at the body’s internal frame. Using an injection of contrast medium, a radiographic dye that increases the visibility of the internal organs, the x-ray is able to gain a clear image of the spinal discs.

Why Choose Diskography?

Diskography is used to gain a better look at discs in your spine to conclude whether the pain you’re feeling in your back or neck is or isn’t disc-related.

Within the spine, small cushion-like discs sit between the vertebrae to release pressure and stress on the nerves and help with mobility. Problems like herniated discs, degenerative discs and abnormal discs are the main problems that could become clear if pain is felt in the spinal region. Diskography has helped many patients pinpoint why pain is there in the first place.

As with most procedures, pain might be experienced during the test but is necessary to determine if the disc is, in fact, abnormal.

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