Targeting Your Back Pain with Spinal Cord Stimulation

spinal cord stimulation for chronic painPeople can hurt or injure themselves in a number of ways. Upon reading further, the specific injuries one can sustain can be easy to relate to. Fortunately, there are ways that true healing and treatment can be obtained. From corrective surgery to rehabilitation procedures, finding a solution to a nagging injury has never been easier. At Total Pain Care, we are pushing the envelope to provide new and revolutionary ways for you to find treatment like spinal cord stimulation.

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Innovative Treatment

Spinal Cord Stimulation is a relatively new form of treatment for chronic pain located around the spinal area. When intense pain lingers and preliminary attempts at treating the area do not prove helpful, positive results have been found through stimulating the spinal cord with electrical currents from a pulse generator.

The pulse that emits from the generator stimulates the problem area, essentially blocking the nerves’ ability to feel most pain. While the risks are few, they are mainly the same associated with any type of surgery. Many people have undergone this treatment and reports indicate that success is frequent, with at least 50% of patients finding pain reduction and/or relief.

Besides pain relief in most cases, the benefits of spinal cord stimulation are vast, especially for chronic pain. They include:

  • Limited side effects
  • Easy to assess treatment before committing
  • Stimulation can stop at any time
  • The technology used is rapidly improving
  • Surgery is minor

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According to recent studies, spinal cord stimulation procedures across the country are showing favorable results. As research in this specific area continues to expand, you can expect Total Pain Care in New Jersey to continue to provide the treatment and guidance you need for all your pain management needs.

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